Cage Journey Through Hell

  • $39.99

The Bugteeth Cage Journey Through Hell Distance Certification Challenge

Drive the same Cage from:

  • The start and end points of the Southernmost Buoy in Key West, Florida and milepost 115.3 Arctic Circle, AK

Try completing this in 5 days or less, but you can take as long as 30 Days.

Keep in mind this is 115 miles on the Dalton Highway where the series Ice Road Truckers is based. Most of the Dalton Highway is not paved.

The distance is about 5,187 miles

Be prepared for changing weather as that is what makes this the Journey Through Hell.

Rules to Follow for Certification

Witness Forms

You will get a paper certification with the option to upgrade to an Aluminum Sublimated Certification Plaque that will last a lifetime once documentation is verified.

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