90% Silver State Quarter Coin Ring Sz 4-12 starts with Mi-Ne

  • $39.99

The Bugteeth Coin Ring 

Hand crafted from a 90% Silver Statehood Quarter from a proof set

Each ring starts out as a 90% Silver Statehood proof Quarter.

There is a hole placed in the middle to begin the folding process.

These are made to order and it is up to you to know your size.  We will resize this for free to ensure a perfect fit. 

There are no returns accepted on these because they are custom made for you. 

These are sealed so it will not turn skin any color, but only clean with soap and water so the sealant isn’t removed.


There is always a slight taper associated with double sided coin rings. This taper will either show up on the inside of the ring, or on the outside. This is due to the outer edge of the coin being thicker than the center of the coin, which will become the other edge of the ring when its finished.

Rather than end up with the taper on the outside where it would diminish the ring's appearance,  we choose to leave the taper on the inside. This produces a more symmetrical looking ring when worn.   When we measure the ring we go by the end of the ring with the smallest diameter to determine the size.


Look at the pictures of the rings to decide what you like.

Choose your 90% Silver Quarter State

Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada

Choose your size from 4 - 12

Larger sizes are available out of 90% Silver pre 1965 Half Dollars. Larger sizes are also available made out of 1 ounce .999 fine Silver rounds. 


These are usually shipped out the next day but it can sometimes take up to two weeks. If time is an issue please email or call to find out what the time frame is currently.

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