Bugteeth Gold Coin Ring

  • $2,000.00

The Bugteeth Gold Coin Ring is starts out as one ounce of .9999 fine pure 24k Gold or 22k Gold then hand crafted to create your ring, retaining as much of the detail as possible.

Once purchased, email the following so it can be custom created for you.

Sizes available are 8-15

Fat tire look or Traditional

If you want the Liberty Gold ring it is only 22k Gold. 

This will be made from the .9999 24k rounds unless the 22k is requested

Sometimes there are other rounds available, depends on availability at the different mints. 

There is always a slight taper associated with double sided coin rings. This taper will either show up on the inside of the ring, or on the outside. This is due to the outer edge of the coin being thicker than the center of the coin, which will become the other edge of the ring when its finished.

Rather than end up with the taper on the outside where it would diminish the ring's appearance,  we choose to leave the taper on the inside. This produces a more symmetrical looking ring when worn.   When we measure the ring we go by the end of the ring with the smallest diameter to determine the size.

We will also have our own Coins stamped for Bugteeth. We will have one that says Distance Certified without Bugteeth in case anyone was certified somewhere else and can provide their certification so we can make them a ring stating Distance Certified.

The other stamped coin style round will just have Bugteeth stamped on it. 

Average turn around time is 5 days but may take as long as two weeks.