Bugteeth Dalton Highway 414

  • $24.99

The Bugteeth Dalton Highway 414 Distance Challenge Certification

Ride the Dalton Highway 414 miles from Livengood, AK (North of Fairbanks) to Prudhoe Bay, AK

The Challenge is 24 hours but you have 3 days to complete it.

Be prepared and do you homework. There is a 300 mile stretch where there is no fuel available so you will probably need to bring gas with you.

Be ready for anything from pavement, to gravel to mud... maybe even worse.

Print your witness forms, save fuel receipts for verification and if you use spot or some similar service, that can help in the verification process as well.



Witness Forms

You will get a paper certification with the option to upgrade to an Aluminum Sublimated Certification Plaque that will last a lifetime once documentation is verified. You may also upgrade to a custom patch that will have the challenge, time and distance traveled on it. No two patches will ever be the same.

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