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Motorcycle, Trike  and Cage Distance Challenge Certifications -

$24.99(up to 5000 miles)

$39.99(over 5000 miles),

What is a Distance Challenge Certification? Ride your Bike (2 wheels), Tripod (3 wheels) or Drive your Cage (4 wheels or more) X amount of distance in X amount of time or less.

You submit fuel receipts as time stamps and witness forms at the beginning and ending as proof, we verify the documentation and you earn your certification once verified.

Bikes have 31 Certification Challenges available

Trikes have 29 Certification Challenges available

Cages have 31 Certification Challenges available

Group Competitions - $300

Premium upgrades available

Aluminum Sublimated Plaque Certifications are available as an option for each certification offered.

Custom patches with Challenge, time and distance traveled are available for Bike and Trike Certifications.

We now offer Patches as a standalone purchase to anyone who has been certified here or elsewhere that would like to have a patch customized for them

Send your documentation to:

Or mail it to:


9648 US HWY 301 South


Riverview, FL 33578


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