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Motorcycle, Trike  and Cage Certifications - $40 (up to 5000 miles), $55 (over 5000 miles),

Bikes and Trikes have 29 Certifications available

Cages have 31 Certifications available

Group Competitions - $300


Custom patches are no longer included in the Certifications. 9 out of 10 people didn't want them so we removed them and dropped the price. The Aluminum Sublimated Certifications we're a highlight according to most who have obtained certification.

We now offer Patches as a standalone purchase to anyone who has been certified here or elsewhere that want a patch customized to them


Keep in mind while planning to complete a certification challenge that there are quite a few things that can go wrong such as:

Your cell phone can die trying to connect to out of range towers. Keep your phone off until you need it and/or make sure you can charge it off your motorcycle.

Flat tire. AMA includes towing in their $50 annual membership fee. Have enough tools and a pump or CO2 on hand to at least plug a nail hole and fill the tire.

Running out of fuel. Find out how far to the next fuel especially when crossing a desert.

Hitting a deer or other animal. Slow down at dawn and dusk. Learn how to threshold brake. Duck rather than swerve if you can’t avoid an impact.

Fatigue. Many things cause fatigue on a long trip. Noise causes a lot of it. Try wearing ear plugs. Wind noise will wear you down. With ear plugs you might be able to ride 20 hours vs 12 without. 

A Great Seat. If you don’t have a great seat you are setting yourself up for failure. Not every seat is for everyone, you may have to buy several until you find the right one. Not cheap, but worth it in the end. A custom made seat for your height and weight is better than an off the shelf one any day.

Offroad. You’re much more likely to go down offroad. Make sure someone knows your route and ETA.

If you want to write something to share about your challenge and have us post it, just send it in with the documents and we will share it with the world at no extra charge.

So what are you waiting for? You can do this!

Send your documentation to: Chuck@Bugteeth.com

Or mail it to:


9648 US HWY 301 South


Riverview, FL 33578


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